Prairie Cuffs

To make prairie cuffs, you will need the following:

the cuff from an old shirt or sweater, vintage lace, fabric glue, and embellishments

Possible Embellishments:  millinery flowers, buttons, rhinestones,ribbon, rosette, but nothing too heavy!

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If you have an old long sleeve shirt or sweater, don't throw it out!  Consider making a cute prairie cuff!  If the cuff is button up, leave that intact.  

First, carefully cut the bottom of the sleeve  about 3-4 inches up (your width preference).  If you cuff has buttons, cut 1/2 inch above that.

Use fabric glue to add the lace to the raw edge that you cut.  You might need to tuck it into the sleeve if you can't get it to cover the raw edge completely.  Then add your embellishments to your cuff.  Let completely dry.  If something isn't gluing well, you might want to add just a few stitches to hold it or try a glue gun.  Just don't choose heavy items.

Voila!   Very Prairie Chic!    Enjoy!